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Original menu from Nikolai Haponen, a chef de cuisine

Selected Dishes

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    Общий вес блюда 400 г
    28 rub.
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    Общий вес блюда 420 г
    45 rub.
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    45 rub.

Lunch Menu

900/420/50 25.00

250/150/100/50/30 25.00


240/150/50/15 25.00
Traditional Belarusian draniki

240/100/50/30/10 35.00
Draniki with creamy mushroom sauce with salmon and trout.

960/300/300/300/40 120.00
A dozen potato pancakes, served in a large frying pan, with slightly salted salmon and chef-salted trout, fried champignons with onions and sour cream.



L 200/140/100/50 40.00
Signature snack from raw minced beef filled with cognac, yolk, onions, mustard and fragrant spices. Served on big wooden board with toasts from our freshly baked bread

Cheese Platter

220/145/40 42.00
Assorted cheeses: Camembert, Maasdam, Cheddar, hard aged and with noble mold. Served with seasonal berries, honey and walnuts.

360 65.00


650 75.00

Meat Appetizer

750/140/130 75.00
Big snack of meat dry-cured delicacies: beef, sausage, balyk and gammon of pork, saltison and lard. Served with cheese obatzda paste, gherkins, fresh radish and horseradish.

Fresh Vegetables

500 25.00
Fresh sweet peppers, cucumbers, quarters of tomatoes, red radish, celery stalk, fresh carrots, Tartare sauce

Pickled Vegetables

560 28.00
Salted cucumbers and pickles, pickled tomatoes, garlic, wild leek, sauerkrat, spicy carrots.


1000 68.00
A hearty meat appetizer: dry-cured pork ham and raw smoked sausage, homemade saltison, branded sausages - Nuremberg and Wenceslas. Served with obacda cheese pâté and lard, Camembert cheese and hard aged


800/300/400/60 120.00
Shashlik from pork neck with fried potatoes, marinated onions, ajika and ketchup.

Allsorts of sausages

1370/600/150/100 120.00
Assorted homemade branded sausages: Viennese chicken snail, Nuremberg sausages, Wenceslas sausage, Kazekrainer and Hunting sausages. Served with a side dish of fried potatoes and stewed white and red sauerkraut, sweet Bavarian and spicy Dijon mustard.

Brewer’s Big meal

2265/1430/210 185.00
Signature dish of our restaurant! Huge meat dish for a cheerful group for every taste: baked Schweinehaxe pork knuckle, pljeskavica, baked chicken, pork shoulder (Schweinebraten), Nuremberg sausages, pork ribs in BBQ glaze. Served on big frying pan with a garnish of stewed white and red cabbage, fried potatoes, Bavarian knödels, Czech knodels, fried onions, spicy Dijon mustard and horseradish.

Tuna tar-tar

160/120/75 35.00
Blue-finned tuna starter seasoned with oyster dressing and quail yolk. Served with cucumber tar-tar and crunchy cheese baguette croutons.

Rolls of pancakes with Atlantic salmon, soft cream cheese and green salad

200/20/10 28.00
Rolls of thin pancakes stuffed with moderately salted Atlantic salmon, delicate processed cream cheese and Romaine salad

Bavarian-Style Herring

200/150/120 18.00
Herring fillet with onion and apple sauce served with boiled potatoes, a half of boiled egg and green salad

125 40.00

2шт/180гр. 20.00

Czech Pâté with Port Wine Cherry Sauce

140/100/80/30 18.00
Duck and chicken liver pâté e with Port Wine Cherry Sauce, served with white croutons and apple chips

Marble Beef Carpaccio

215/50 35.00


250 28.00

Salad of grilled fried tuna

350 28.00
Fried tuna fillet and anchovies, mixed salad leaves, green beans, fresh tomatoes and bell peppers, eggs, red onion rings, black olives and capers with dressing of olive oil with balsamic vinegar and lemon juice

Caesar Salad with Shrimp

250 28.00
Marinated shrimp, grated hard cheese, cherry tomatoes, arugula (rocket) and romaine lettuce, slices of crusty bread with signature salad dressing

Greek Salad

250 20.00
Fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, radish, salad mix, Bryndza, olives, sweet onion rings, dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice. It is served with a crunchy baguette slice with cream cheese

Smoked Chicken Salad with Crunchy Crumbs

250 25.00
Home-smoked chicken fillet, grated hard cheese, cherry tomatoes, romaine and rocket lettuce, crunchy crumbs, signature salad dressing

250 25.00

160/50/40 45.00
Peeled king prawns marinated in white wine with lemon juice and garlic, grilled. Served with tar tar sauce and lemon

Cheese toasts with Tarama

250/50/55 18.00
Toasts of Borodino bread with garlic, melted cheese and capelin caviar with smoked sour cream and spicy beaten cucumbers

250/100/50/30 20.00

Fried Cheese

160/150/50/40 20.00
It’s a signature Czech hot appetizer. Breaded cheese pan-fried until golden brown and soft and viscous inside, served with French fries, tartare sauce and onion chips

Buffalo Chicken Wings

260/50/60 20.00
Spicy roasted chicken wings, served with fresh carrot sticks, celery stalks, Blue Cheese sauce of noble mold cheese

Croquettes with Jalapeño

230/50/20 20.00
Crispy roasted croquettes of soft mozzarella cheese and smoked Provola with Jalapeño hot pepper. Served with tar-tar sauce.


350/50 15.00

Beef Borsch with Garlic Cheese Toast

400/50/50/35 12.50
A rich borsch with beef and beets, potatoes, cabbage, sweet pepper, tomatoes, garlic, served with sour cream and freshly baked wheat bread toast with cheese and garlic

Venison goulash

350/260 18.00
Venison tomato goulash soup with vegetables in a bread bowl.

Russian Smoked Meat Solyanka

350/50/10 12.50
Traditional solyanka cooked with meat broth, smoked meat, barrel gherkins, served with lemon, capers and sour cream


Frying pan of mussels in beer sauce

450/100 48.00
Specially selected mussels cooked following a traditional Belgian recipe, stewed in white wine and our smoked beer over an open fire with celery, cream and Parmesan cheese. Served with French fries and ketchup.

100/55/70 48.00

450 30.00


Schweinehachse (Pork Knuckle)

1шт/230/150/100 48.00
Crispy pork knuckle roasted according to an old Bavarian recipe with beer sauce, garnished with stewed white cabbage and knödel

Roasted Duck

1порц/200/100/100/20 55.00
Savory from Cascade hop beer marinade roasted duck served under cream sauce with porcini mushrooms and garnished with braised red cabbage and Czech dumplings

140/150/40 38.00

175/150/60 30.00

260/100/60/60 30.00

200/120/40 55.00

120/25/150/30/30 35.00

260/115/80/5 35.00

300/200/50/50 30.00

300/150/100/80/15 35.00


260/130/100/50 40.00
Grilled minced pork and beef Serbian steak mixed with smoked bacon and onion, served with roasted vegetables, potatoes and rosemary


Nuremberg Bratwurst

140/200/50 28.00
Sausages cooked according to an authentic recipe from selected pork, flavored with signature seasoning, served with sweet Bavarian mustard and white cabbage steamed with bacon

Kasekrainer sausage with cheese

150/150/50/50 28.00
Sausage from beef and pork with cheese, fried French fries and ketchup

Wenseslas sausages

150/150/50/50 28.00
Czech sausage from pork with roasted potatoes wedges and ketchup

Vein Chicken Snail Sausage

250/250/100/50/15 28.00
Chicken snail sausage served with mashed potatoes, fried onion, sweet mustard and Bavarian vegetable salad

Hunter’s Sausage

180/300/25/50 28.00
Four fried venison hunter’s sausages, garnished with stewed white cabbage with bacon, mashed potatoes and spicy Dijon mustard



390 25.00


470 28.00


50 3.00

Barbecue Sauce

1/50 3.00
Sun dried tomatoes, smoked prunes, tomato sauce, meat broth, dark draft beer

Blue Cheese Sauce

1/50 3.00
Noble mold cheese, cream, finely chopped onion, lemon juice, white pepper

Tartar (Tartare) Sauce

1/50 3.00
Finely chopped gherkins, mayonnaise, garlic, dill

Adjika (Adzhika) Sauce

50 3.00
Hot chili peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, carrots, sweet peppers, tomato paste, garlic

Sweet Mustard

1/50 3.00

Dijon Mustard

1/50 3.00

Piri-Piri Hot Sauce

1/50 3.00


100 2.00

250/30/30 8.00

4шт/80гр 3.50

250/30 8.00

Bread basket

300/30 10.00

Vegipan Bread

100 3.50
Vegipan contains valuable ingredients with an optimum balance of nutrients. This sensational bread will be loved not only by vegans but by all wholegrain fans


1900 135.00

Salodki pachastunak

3000 200.00
A big dessert, i.e. a great variety of all kinds of sweets offered at our restaurant, served on a large wooden board with fireworks and bell-ringing greetings

110 10.00

Chocolate Fondant

150/50/35/25 16.50
Chocolate muffin with melting chocolate middles, served with a ball of strawberry ice-cream, whipped cream and mint

Honey Cake

100/30/10 12.00
Puff pastry made according to a home recipe: honey layers soaked with cream and condensed milk. The dish is served with crispy meringue and carrot and honey puree

Meringue roll with pistachios and blueberries

125/45 15.00
Crispy meringue roll with pistachios, delicate butter cream with blueberries on caramel crumbs with carrot and honey oil.

Warm Apple Strudel

120/115 15.00
Traditional Vienna Strudel with apple stuffing and cream sauce, whipped topping, sugar powder and cacao, served with ice cream ball and mint leaf

Vanilla Ice Cream

1/150 6.50

Chocolate Ice Cream

1/150 6.50

Strawberry Ice Cream

1/150 6.50

Assorted Fruit Platter

1200 45.00
Large fruit assortment: pineapple, pear, pomelo, orange, grapes.


Cranberry Mors 0.2

200 3.50
Homemade dink

Cranberry Mors 0.8

800 14.00
Homemade drink

800 14.00

200 3.50