This is not a style of beer, but its general name. This beer belongs to the "Hybrid beer" style. At its core, it is a hybrid of beer and wine, but we have made our own interpretation. It was based on light malt and wheat, the beer was fermented to dry, so as to leave a minimum of sugars and be similar to dry wine. The beer was also heavily carbonated, and hibiscus and natural raspberry juice were used for the pink color and aroma. While most beers remain delicious all year round, only masochists are dying to barbecue with a rich, creamy milk stout in one hand. Just as the consumption of rose wine increases in the summer, when the weather becomes more pleasant, rose beer is also suitable for a hot summer day.


Light, with a good balance of hops, malt and fine fruit acidity


  • Density
  • Alcohol Content
  • Colour
  • Bitterness